Some time ago, I asked you some questions about what kind of dance you do and the shoes you wear. You told me about the footwear you use, what problems you have with it and what you would prefer. Here are some of your thoughts
Social dancing doesn't really care about age or gender, however, most dancers in these results are between 20 and 35 years old. Also, female dancers were more open to share her opinions for the survey this time.
Since I am a zouk dancer, it may be that the results are slightly biased but I think many of us face similar issues with shoes. Particularly followers, right?
I find it interesting that almost half of us dance more than one style! There are so many partner dances out there, so how can you choose? Whichever one you prefer, we do agree that all of them bring us joy!
As you can see there are plenty of wonderful reasons why we love dancing so much!

Now, let's get back to shoes. These are the three main types of footwear that you mentioned you use for dancing. Without counting socks! Heels, which we love and hate at the same time, flat dance shoes and sneakers. 
It is quite clear in your answers that even though heels are very popular among followers, most of you also wear flats. This makes sense because one of the main problems you spoke about was discomfort! Yes, they make us look great but we tend to bring an extra pair of flat shoes in the bag, don't we?

We saw a similar trend with sneakers, females that dance in sneakers also use jazz shoes or salsa heels. I would guess this is because sneakers are usually too sticky for most floors.
Being able to slide over the dance floor doesn't seem to be an important problem for male dancers, as most of them dance in regular sneakers. 

Regarding dance shoes, they don't like the looks of either jazz or training ballroom shoes (can anyone blame them though?) Also, you will not see them dancing in socks! of course, if your partner dances in heels, it might not be the best idea...
For female dancers, the main concern is comfort. They usually find dance shoes too tight and heels too high. But as we see in the table below, if you want to wear flat shoes you have to compromise looking stylish wearing jazz shoes, or being able to slide and flex your foot properly if you wear sneakers. 

Male dancers were more worried about the lack of options. They don't seem to love the dance shoe styles and prefer to use the same shoes they wear outdoors.

Some dancers are concerned about the cost and we generally believe that dance shoes, particularly suede sole ones, wear out too quickly. Also, we all struggle with finding the right fit!
So unfortunately, it seems that every time we choose footwear for dancing, we have to make a compromise. Those super hot but killer heels, the cool high tops that glue you to the floor on every turn or the go to jazz shoes that give you total freedom but completely spoil the look when that reggaeton song comes along.

If only we could have it all...
We dance because it makes us feel good, so it is understandable that we want our dance shoes to make us look good as well. We want stylish and trendy shoes but it is hard to find that without losing in comfort or function. 

Some people even customize their own shoes by changing the sole!

Should't we have an option that gives us everything?

This is why I created Vuela!

Tired of looking for that perfect shoe I decided I had to design my own. So I am bringing to you Vuela Dance sneakers. So you can turn and move freely, so you can let go, dance until the end of the night and look good while doing it!

Stay tuned

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