I'm Marta Vega, I am a designer from 9 to 5 and a dancer the rest of the day. I have been doing social dancing for many years and still haven't found a pair of shoes I am truly happy with!

Researching and talking with other dancers I realized that we all had the same problem.
You can wear the beautiful sparkly heels that will kill your feet in a couple of hours or flat training shoes like the ones for jazz or contemporary. These are comfortable but the truth is, they are not very good looking so we don't really love them.

Some people use regular sneakers specially now that are so trendy, but they are not ideal. In partner dancing you need to be able to slide and sneakers are too sticky to turn properly.

So there are not many options for dance shoes, even though the scene has grown so much. Salsa and bachata for example have been around for a while but their popularity is growing everywhere now. And not just that, brazilian and afro styles like zouk and kizomba are spreading quickly as well!

The existing brands however are still too focused on academic styles like ballet, jazz or ballroom. 

Social dance is very influenced by urban culture, like reggaeton and afrobeats and I feel these brands are just not up to date. 

This is why I came up with Vuela, I want to do a stylish, comfortable and functional shoe for the everyday dancer, like the sneakers we all wear but for the dance floor.

Professionals have their market covered, it's time now to step down from the stage and join the party.


Because social dance is about having fun! it brings us joy, we feel free to express ourselves and once you hit the dance floor the outside world doesn't matter. And most important, it is about connection, sharing these feelings with others is what keep us coming back

Us social dancers go to classes twice a week, all night parties on the weekend and we are already planning the next international congress to go to. 

Fine, this was before Covid, but imagine how much they are wishing to go back! You can only get so much from zoom classes...

Many of us share this lifestyle. It is truly a passion, and we will spend lots of our free time and money in it!

So I want Vuela to represent and celebrate this community, to share their values and to deliver the product that brings them that experience.

I want Vuela to be the image of dancing socially. Like Vans is for skating

With vuela I am merging my passion and years of professional experience to deliver the product we need. Because, at the end of the day, dancing is not about getting anywhere, but about enjoying each step.

Stay tuned

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