Hola social dancers

The whole world has been put on hold and we dancers are suffering. There is only so much you can take from Zoom classes! right?
 We can't wait to dance together again and we hope it will be soon. In the meantime, here at Vuela we have been working on something...

We asked some of you what you thought about your dance shoes.

- What do you want from your dance shoes?

- Which ones are your favourites?

- Do you have any problems finding the right ones?

It seems like we all have certain issues with the footwear options... Those super hot but killer heels, the cool high tops that glue you to the floor in every turn or the go to jazz shoes that give you total freedom but completely spoil the look when the reggaeton song comes along.

So how would the ideal ones be?

For us they will be the ones that are trendy but also let us dance freely for hours and hours! 
We are still trying to find out how they will look like but stay tuned, we will drop some news soon!
You are not alone, we are all at home, in pain. But we will go out again, together. And together we will dance stronger than ever.
These are difficult times for us dancers. However, we can use this extra time we have been given to find strength and power!

Stay tuned

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